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Fear Free Shelter Program

Register to go through the Fear Free Shelter Program to improve the experience and emotional well-being of the Malamutes. Registration is FREE and this is a great online learning experience to set you up for success when handling the Malamutes. 


CHAAMP took enrolled in Trish McMillan's Shelter and Behavior Mentorship and learned so much! We are working towards implementing and updating our practices. We would love to have volunteers learn with us and help make their world a better place. 

Foster Homes
Vet Behaviorist
Lucky Dog Training
Kennel Projects

Volunteers are the heart of rescue!
We can't do this alone. Please complete a survey so we can review your availability and interests. There is something for everyone. 
When you volunteer, we provide you with guidance and we'll be with you through each step. 

Socializing with the Malamutes
Volunteers are needed to walk and spend time with the Malamutes, help us make videos, take photos, clean the kennel, accompany us so we can bring Malamutes to events and fundraisers. We hope to start talent shows to help get our Malamutes adopted while teaching them fun tricks and manners. Can you help?

R+ Rewards Based Trainers
We welcome dog professionals who wish to donate their time and talents. If you need hours to fulfill your Training Log hours, we would love to have you work with our Malamutes.

Kennel Support
If you are good with carpentry, we can use your talents to help with ongoing projects. Or if you wish to support by lending a hand, no experience is required, and we are thankful for your help.

Salesforce CRM
We are in the process of improving systems and data management. Please contact 

If you are an experienced photographer, we would truly be grateful if you could donate your time to provide tips and help us photograph the Malamutes so we can get them adopted. 
Please contact 

Rescue does not mean damaged, it means they have been let down.

We owe it to these majestic trusting furry companions to learn how to help them by educating ourselves.

Let's learn together!


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