Rescue (& Shelter) Resources

CHAAMP has been on a journey searching for knowledge and

guidance to change the lives of our rescues pre/post-adoption

--- on a tight budget. Here is what we discovered.

Find an advocate who can help navigate and take the lead

Continued education is key - change is constant

Register for the Fear Free Shelter Program it's FREE!

Learn to read dog body language

Register for FREE for the Shelter Playgroup Alliance Workshop

Commit to using positive reinforcement training and handling techniques

Take Victoria Stilwell Academy’s FREE Starter Course: Building Your Dog’s Confidence

Understand how the environment affects behavior

Use FREE resources for rescue and adopters (see also "Resources")

Lili Chen, Artist & Illustrator offers FREE downloadable tip sheets  

Create and document processes (Standard Operation Procedures)


If you are a 501c3 non-profit there are FREE resources Shelter or Rescue Organization Scholarship

Technology for non-profits:

Salesforce CRM for nonprofits

Canva for nonprofits

Find a trusted dog trainer that offers a rescue discount.

We asked Peaceable Paws, Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA who is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild to help us find a trainer near us. She referred us to Stephanie Peebles. Stephanie is so Zenful, that even the humans felt all our stress go away by her mere presence. CHAAMP owes so much to Stephanie who opened our eyes and helped us understand how the environment affects behavior, offer dogs choice, go slow, build trust, and just  b r e a t h e .


Stephanie Peebles leads by example using positive reinforcement, force-free, and fear-free communication skills with humans and animals. CHAAMP works towards this as well. We are here to help, not judge. We can't change the past, but we can learn from it and create a better tomorrow.  

Educate yourself and your rescue. 

Find an advocate within your rescue who will take the lead in learning, continuing education, and working with a trusted trainer. CHAAMP signed up for The Pet Professional Guild Geek Week and The Lemonade Conference. Both of these events offer scholarships and reduced cost for rescues. It is a great way to learn from dog professionals worldwide on various subjects and it's the best bang for your buck. See a full list of training events that CHAAMP attends under "Training Events" under Resources.

CHAAMP is a Shelter and Rescue Member of The Pet Professional Guild ("PPG"). In 2019, the PPG announced the Pet Rescue Resource Program designed by the Rescue and Shelter Division and supported by Jean Donaldson and the Academy for Dog Trainers. This has FREE training for rescue and shelter.


The Pet Rescue Resource provides toolkits designed to improve adoption and retention rates such as: articles, step-by-step training plans, and videos addressing common behavior and welfare issues. 


The Pet Professional Guild **FREE** Pet Owner Membership and access information.

Fear Free Shelters Program **FREE** online training course

Empowered Dog offers **FREE** Summits for trainers & dog lovers

Empowered Dog is an international organization committed to connecting the dog training industry by creating community, evolving education, and empowering professionals to make a difference worldwide. Invite potential adopters, fosters, volunteers to learn for FREE about dog behavior.

YouTube:  Empowered Dog Channel

ASPCApro provides training, research, and resources.


Programs & Operations:

Tools & Tips:

In July 2021, we enrolled in Trish McMillan's Shelter Dog Behavior Mentorship Virtual training. This intensive course covers all aspects of shelter behavior, from intake to post-adoption support. You will have access to a network of rescue and shelter staff during/after the program. A great way to get ideas to improve the lives of pets in rescue. There is a fee for registration.


We also watch a lot of YouTube videos!

We listen to podcasts.

Learn how to read dog body language.



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