EQUIPMENT: Our favorite equipment is the Alpine Harness Custom Fit Half Back and the Neewa Tug Line and Bungee Leash attached to the Neewa Hands Free Trekking Belt with Pocket. We also really like CTC Shoulder Harness CUSTOM. 



We recommend a Martingale collar with a buckle. In case of an emergency, you can remove the martingale with the buckle. We highly recommend using a harness, especially if your dog pulls really hard. When dogs are over their threshold, they do not feel pain in the moment. Imagine all their weight pushing on their throat. This can cause damage to the throat from arthritis, thyroid issues, to a collapsed trachea. 


Please remember to remove the martingale collar when the dog is unsupervised, especially when left alone in a crate. Dogs can get the martingale collar stuck and choke themselves to death. This can happen to dogs of all ages. Always supervise dogs' play. Collars and harnesses can get stuck and dogs can choke themselves to death. 


A leash should be strong enough for your dog but also fit nicely in the palm of your hand when you close it (watch video below). We do not recommend retractable leashes because it can easily slip out of your hand. If you choose a biothane (waterproof) leash, please make sure to wear gloves, especially if your dog pulls. 

We use a dog leash to keep them safe, kind of like a safety belt. We do not yank on the leash (at least not on purpose). This is why training is so important. Watch Chelsea Murray  with Pawsitive Futures YouTube Leash Walking Playlist:  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyMNENGNV1cYbkS5A51cZrrMvSl8HjpmM

Chelsea recently reviewed Non-Stop Dogwear Touring Bungee Adjustable leash, which is great because it has a handle next to the carabiner that connects to your dog's harness for moments when you need total control.  https://youtu.be/WoAso8SoTGE

Watch Michael Shikashio demonstrate how to hold a leash and front clips.



Recommendations — The Loose Leash Academy


Harnesses should fit like a good shoe to avoid injuries and prevent interference of your dog's natural gait. We highly recommend using a Y-shaped harness. Northern breed dogs are very smart, and some can even Houdini their way out of a harness! We recommend using a carabiner to connect the martingale collar to the front D-clip of a harness. If they slip out of the harness, they are still connected to the martingale collar. 

We recommend connecting your leash to the harness front D-clip for safety when training a dog that pulls really hard; and using super delicious treats like cheese, chicken, or steak to reward your dog for choosing to stay close to you. In case of an emergency when your Malamute decides to chase a cat that unwittingly crosses your path, the front connection prevents the Malamute from running because it turns him/her around facing you. We do not recommend this as long-term use, only for a short-term during training to keep you safe.


We do not recommend using a head harness as a sole method to control your dog from pulling. When a dog is over their threshold, their emotions take over and they will pull hard. Imagine lunging at something at full strength and then being stopped with all that pressure on your neck. Ouch! People in a car accident may not feel pain at the moment, but then later their neck is stiff and some even experience long term pain. This can be replicated with a head halter causing arthritis, pinched nerve, etc. Suzanne Clothier, "The Problem With Head Halters"

Easy And Stress Free Way To Get A Mushing Harness On Your Dog

Resource: Pawsitive Futures Video: https://youtu.be/hCFWEFJ5bz8

Alpine Outfitters

Customized harness available. Urban Trail® Adjustable Harness (Half-Back / Shorty)



CTC Dog Gear: https://www.ctcdoggear-usa.com/

Customized harness available. https://www.ctcdoggear-usa.com/harness-measuring-guide



Howling Dog: https://howlingdogalaska.com

Howling Dog Enterprises Distance Harness



Non-Stop Dogwear: https://www.shopnonstopdogwear.com/shop/

Line Harness muti-function



Nahak: https://www.nahaksports.com/

Dog Pulling Harness for *pulling sports only*


Pawsitive FuturesChoosing a Canicross Belt


Hands free belts

Malamutes are very strong! When using hands-free, it is important to use a dog sport belt to distribute the weight around your hips to prevent back injuries. 

  • CTC Dog Gear Hip Belt

    • Simple belt with no straps. It can be a little warm to use in the summer.

    • Comfortable and practical.

    • You cannot attach a standard treat bag to the belt, but it works great.


  • CaniX belt

    • Lightweight and used for optimal performance.

    • Leg straps 

    • The carabiner moves on a loop. 

Car Safety 

Always secure your dog in the vehicle to prevent them from jumping out.  A good harness can easily connect with a dog seat belt. You can use an iBuddy Dog Seat Belts or a crate.

Training Treats the most important equipment for all dogs!

Please use healthy treats and reduce meals to prevent weight gain. We highly recommend using limited ingredients and little to no preservatives to prevent upset tummies and pancreatitis. Treats with lots of ingredients can cause diarrhea, especially with Malamutes.



Make sure you have low, medium, and high value treats. Hard work deserves hazard pay like human grade cheese or steak! If you want your dog to choose you instead of chasing a squirrel, a cheerio or biscuit is not going to be enough. However, chicken or cheese is more likely to get their attention.     



Using a muzzle for a vet visit reduces stress. It is important to teach your dog at home how to wear a muzzle and practice using it at different times. When they see the muzzle, they know that cheese is coming too. Using your own muzzle is way better than using the temporary muzzle provided by the vet. A muzzle gives everyone a peace of mind. 

A muzzle is a great tool to know how to use in case of an emergency. If your dog is hurt and in pain, they may react and possibly even bite you. If you have trained your dog with a muzzle, this will not add to his/her trauma and keep everyone safe.

Other Harnesses

Dogable Dog Training has a wonderful post about harnesses.


A study shows that harnesses are always safer compared to collars.

A harness should not restrict your dog's shoulder blade, which can affect their gait leading to negative consequences for a dog's health and wellbeing. 

- TTouch

- Perfect Fit

- Mekuti Balance

- Blue-9 Balance

- XtraDog

Tellington TTouch has a very nice harness that clips to the front with a TTouch® Connector.