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Children and Dogs

Please check out the resources below by dog professionals advocating for the safety of children and dogs. Children can be unpredictable and fun from the human perspective, but from the other end of the leash, unpredictable children can be scary. 

FREE self-paced online course - the DOGS & KIDS course (

Family Dog Trainer - Peace of Mind for Parents with Dogs - Pooch Parenting

Podcast Archives - Pooch Parenting

Pooch Parenting - POD TO THE RESCUE

Children & Dogs | Your Dog's Friend (


Family Paws Helping families with dogs


Free Resources – Kids Around Dogs

Kids Korner (videos, books, etc.)

Doggone Safe - A Kids' Guide

Resource Guarding by Fear Free Pets and Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB

Teach children to respect your furry companion's space. If a dog is resting, sleeping, or eating, please do not disturb the dog. Let's leave each other's toys and foods alone. We want our furry companions to see us as "givers" not takers to prevent resource guarding.  

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