Children and Dogs

Please check out the resources below by dog professionals advocating for the safety of children and dogs. Children can be unpredictable and fun from the human perspective, but from the other end of the leash, unpredictable children can be scary. 

Family Paws

Helping families with dogs

Family Paws blog with guidance and tips

Kids Around Dogs 

Free Resources – Kids Around Dogs

Kids Korner -

Videos on how to teach your dog to sit, down, and make treats, etc.

Doggone Safe Webinars - Focused on Dog Bite Prevention

Doggone Safe - Dog Bite Prevention

Please make sure that children respect your furry member's space. If a dog is resting, sleeping, or eating, please do not disturb the dog.  Dogs and children do not like toys or candy (treats) being taken from them, so let's respect each other. We want our furry companions to see us as "givers" not takers to prevent resource guarding.  

Resource Guarding by Fear Free Pets and Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB

1. Be perceived as the giver of good things rather than the taker.

2. Always do an exchange or trade when objects are taken from the dog.

3. In games of tug and fetch, let the dog “win” the object.

4. Don’t chase your dog. Teach him to bring objects to you and release them on cue for a reward.

5. To prevent food guarding behavior, add extra palatable treats while the dog is eating.

Helpful Links

Your Dog's Friend provides force-free, positive dog training advice and FREE webinars.

They also have monthly webinars for foster parents and new adopters.

"Empowered Dog is an international organization committed to connecting the dog training industry by creating community, evolving education, and empowering professionals to make a difference worldwide." 

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