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Training starts with us, the pet parents.

CHAAMP is on a learning journey and we welcome you to join us!

Contact if you have questions about these events.

The Pet Professional Guild Geek Week 

There is so much information for everyone!  


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The Clicker Expo returns January 27 - 29, 2023

Learn with The Shelter Playgroup Alliance

The mission of the Shelter Playgroup Alliance (SPA) is to provide animal welfare organizations with education, tailorable guidelines, and support materials for developing and implementing comprehensive enrichment programs.  These programs focus on healthy inter-dog interactions, including playgroups, that align to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive ethical standard (LIMA). LIMA-based playgroups are devoted to providing dogs with opportunities to consent, physical and mental safety, and avoid the use of aversives.

Virtual Puppy Raising Summit on November 11-13, 2022

This Summit goes beyond puppies. The knowledge we gained was applicable to our Malamutes in rescue. Learn about training techniques and behavior.  We highly recommend this summit and plan to attend it again in 2022. There is also a Facebook support group

Trish McMillan's Shelter Dog Behavior Mentorship   

Virtual training. This intensive course covers all aspects of shelter behavior, from intake to post-adoption support. CHAAMP continues to learn to better support our rescue. Best of all, we are able to join a Facebook community and keep in touch with everyone who has taken this course.  

The Aggression in Dogs Conference

Learn from dog professionals as they talk about behavior and how to help improve your dog's life, especially if they experience a lot of scary feelings around dog(s). 

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