These Mals are looking for their FUREVER HOME.  


Can’t adopt but want to help? Fostering is a wonderful alternative because it opens space for another Mal to come into rescue. To learn about our available Mals, simply click on a picture to access their information on


The first step is to complete an application for either adoption or fostering (unless you have one in with us already).  

The adoption fee is usually $275.00. If you adopt one of our older dogs (eight years old or over) or a dog whom we know to not be in good health, the adoption fee is $100.00. Puppies under 6 months old are $375.00. Puppies between 6 months and 1 year are $350.00.

Bucky Jack
Bucky is an energetic and curious pup. He is 7 years of age and show no signs of slowing down!
Maddox is a roughly 4 year old pup, was found as a stray.
Diego is sweet and energetic (typical at this age). He is eager to learn, earn treats, and bond with a human companion using positive reinforcement training. He also seeks enrichment (licking, sniffing, chewing) to exercise his brain and nurture his inside coach potato.
Sammy is actually hunting for his forever home. This eight year old hasn't had it easy of late. With some health challenges cropping up recently, he continues to has a handsome and curious appearance! He's very loving and deserving of a loving furever home. He prefers a stay at home parent if at all possible, but is usually conditioned using a standard routine he will be awaiting you when you return home.
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