CHAAMP is a proud rescue member of The Pet Professional Guild. We practice fear-free (no physical/verbal intimidation) and force-free dog handling and husbandry. This type of gentle, kind interaction gives Malamutes a "choice" to collaborate and retreat to their safe space as needed. It takes time and patience to change and learn new behavior for all of us. We are in this together. 

Adoption begins with completing an online application. Information is confidential and is used to help us find a match with your lifestyle. An adoption requirement is training and we will help you find a trainer. Training helps build a bond with your Malamute and helps him/her gain confidence.


You can also volunteer to take the Malamutes on a walk. This is a great way to meet the Mals. 

If you cannot adopt, fostering is a wonderful alternative. With your help, we can open up space for another Malamute to come to the rescue. Learn more by clicking on available Malamutes below.