CHAAMP is a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild Shelter & Rescue Organization. Our goal is to practice fear-free (no physical force or verbal intimidation) dog handling, husbandry; and rewards-based training. This type of gentle, kind interaction offers Malamutes a "choice" to collaborate and retreat to their safe space as needed. Soon they realize good things happen when they choose to collaborate with you.


Positive Reinforcement Training – Does it Work for the Working Group?

By Chelsea Murray, ATDI, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Adoption begins with completing an online application. Information is confidential and is used to help us match a dog that fits your lifestyle. We will work with you to find alternative solutions if you don't have a fence. We offer resources to support all adopters including first time Malamute parents. Once the application is received, we set up a virtual or in person home visit where adopters and CHAAMP will discuss your plans on how you will set up the environment (puppy proofing), provide a safe place (crate or gated area), food/potty schedule and discuss enrichment ideas. We can answer questions and discuss the importance of decompression. Malamutes are highly intelligent, sensitive, and emotional dogs. It is critical to create a plan to set up your dog for success. 

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Fear Free Happy Homes: Newly Adopted Pets

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An adoption requirement is training. We will work with you and help you find a certified dog professional and/or online training. Training is like team building with you and your dog. It improves communication and collaboration with our furry companions. Plus, it builds a bond and helps your pup gain confidence. Malamutes are a working breed and need a mental outlet -- they love working for treats!


If you are not sure if a Malamute is the right breed for you or are not ready, you can volunteer to take the Malamutes on a walk. This is a great way to meet the pups and learn from volunteers how to best interact and handle these precious fluffy strong pups.  WOO!

 Fostering is a wonderful alternative too. With your help, we can open up space for another Malamute to come to the rescue. The following are Malamutes available for adoption.