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CHAAMP is a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild Shelter & Rescue Organization. Our goal is to practice force-free (no physical force or verbal intimidation) methods with the pups. We focus on capturing and rewarding good behaviors freely offered to start building trust. (See Smart x 50 by Kathy Sdao) By paying attention to the good behaviors, the dogs freely repeat it. Once the pup is offering eye contact on their own and feeling comfortable, then we start rewards-based training. We avoid startling the dog(s) with "No!" or "Ah, ah!" and are careful to read their body language. The dog decides what is aversive (scary). For example, did you know that some dogs find the sound of the clicker to be aversive? We do our best to provide gentle and kind interactions with Malamutes and offer them a "choice" to collaborate with us. We view training as a fun way to communicate with our dogs and watch their dog body language to "hear" what they are saying. Training is supposed to be fun!

Positive Reinforcement Training – Does it Work for the Working Group?

By Chelsea Murray, ATDI, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Adoption begins with completing an online application. Information is confidential and is used to help us match a dog's personality with your environment and lifestyle. We will work with you to find alternative solutions if you don't have a fence. We offer resources to support all adopters including first time Malamute parents. Once the application is received, we set up a virtual or in person home visit where adopters and CHAAMP discuss puppy proofing your home, identifying a safe place (crate or gated area), food/potty schedule, and discuss enrichment ideas. We discuss the importance of decompression and identifying local professional dog trainers and resources. We are here to answer questions every step of your journey. Malamutes are highly intelligent, sensitive, and expressive dogs. It is critical to create a plan to set up your family and dog for success. 

**Alaskan Malamute Training Facebook Group**

Pawsitive Futures Dog Training and Behavior - Alaskan Malamute YouTube​

Dog to Dog Introductions Booklet

Shy Adopter Guide by Shelter Playgroup

Inter-Dog Playgroup Guidelines

How to prevent resource guarding

An adoption requirement is training. Training is like team building with you and your dog. It improves communication and collaboration with our furry companions. Plus, it builds a bond and helps your pup gain confidence. Malamutes are a working breed and need a mental outlet -- they love working for treats! 


If you are not sure if a Malamute is the right breed for you or are not ready, you can volunteer to take the Malamutes on a walk. This is a great way to meet the pups and learn from volunteers how to best interact and handle these precious fluffy strong pups.  

 Fostering is a wonderful alternative too. With your help, we can open up space for another Malamute to come to the rescue.

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