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Car Safety

Safety and Prevention

Keep your Alaskan Malamute nice and cool with air conditioning!

Turn on the child safety locks to prevent your dog from opening a window.  At a minimum secure your dog in a Y-shaped harness in a dog safety belt and barrier like a dog hammock to minimize injury.

Not all Y-shaped harnesses are created equal. Sleepypod's Safety Harness has a 5-star safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety.


In a car accident, a dog clipped to a collar may break their neck or a loose dog can fly through the windshield.

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Center for Pet Safety

CPS Certified - Center for Pet Safety

Dog Seat Belts

Alpine Outfitter's Safety First Seat Belt Restraint 

iBuddy Dog Seat Belts 

CTC Dog Gear Neckline connected to CTC Dog Gear harness with the side clips as back up.

Crates Designed for Vehicles

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