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Dogs and Cats

Alaskan Malamutes were bred to hunt and have a natural desire to chase and catch prey for fun or food.  We are asking and training Malamutes to do something completely against their nature therefore, we should reward them with high value treats. The same is true to cats!


It is critical to use positive reinforcement rewards-based training when integrating a cat and Malamute. Use equipment like double barriers, draft door barrier, create safe places for the cat to jump out of reach, and keep both dog and cat under their threshold.


Some Malamutes can learn to live with cats. They may have resource guarding so keep toys and meals separate to be safe. Just because your Malamute accepts your cat, it may not view other cats the same way. So please be careful and keep all cats safe!

Fear Free Introducing Cats and Dogs: How to Help Ensure Harmony in the Home

Each dog and cat are a unique individual. Please make sure that you consider the cats emotional state as well as your Malamute's. We highly recommend watching the On Demand webinar, "Dog to Cat Aggression" below. 

On Demand - "Dog to Cat Aggression" 

by Katenna Jones, ScM, ACAAB, CDBC, CCBC, CPDT-KA

The Bitey End of the Dog Podcast, host Michael Shikashio, CDBC talks with Katenna Jones ScM, ACAAB, CDBC, CCBC, CPDT-KA chat about dog to cat directed aggression.

Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends? Tips for Nurturing This Relationship

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Resident Cat (or Vice Versa)

Learn more with Katenna Jones at

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