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Dog Body Language


Communication is key for building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Our body language and the tone of how we say things can make a world of difference. Communication is a two-way street. Listening is critical. We do our best to express ourselves in a clear and concise manner to avoid misunderstandings. When communication is effective both parties feel heard and satisfied. This is also true when communicating and training with our furry companions. They are communicating all the time. Are we listening? 

Dogs listen with their eyes by watching our body movements looking for patterns. A dog's nose is so powerful that they can detect cancer and smell our emotions. Dogs have the mentality of a two-year-old child and are capable of learning more good communication. Each is a unique individual full of emotions. 


As dog guardians (pet parents), we are responsible to help our dog feel safe, teach them what to do, and to help set them up for success. We do this with communication. Many of us had dogs all their lives and surely, we must know what our dogs are saying? Even though we speak English, we all had to take English in school and college. It is ok to get help from dog professionals to teach us how to read dog (body) language. You are not alone! 

Learn how to read dog body language

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