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The CHAAMP Kennel is "home sweet home" for our beloved Mals until they are adopted. Many thanks to each of YOU for donating your time, talents, and funds to build CHAAMP's Kennel. The Malamutes absolutely love the cool air 24/7 with the fans circulating fresh air while creating lovely white noise. 


We have a privacy fence where the Mals can exercise and have fun. Plus, there is a private hiking path where they can sniff and explore.

The CHAAMP Kennel provides

  • 24/7 access to train, evaluate, and visit our Mals;

  • Only Mal-savvy staff will interact with the pups;

  • Malamutes have a place after routine vet procedures in lieu of an expensive overnight stay; and

  • we pay $1 per year through 2028, woo!

Our new home would not be possible without you.  Because of your commitment to CHAAMP, we continue to help Malamutes in need.  Thank you for supporting our mission year after year. 

We are always in need of volunteers to help socialize with the Malamutes, help us clear the hiking path, clean the kennel, prepare treats, and groom the pups.

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