" . . . enrichment can be defined as meeting all of an animal’s needs as closely as possible to how they would be met in the wild, in order to empower them to engage in species-typical behaviors in healthy and appropriate ways." 


~Canine Enrichment for the Real World (p. 13)

By Allie Bender and Emily Strong 

We highly recommend reading this book!

5 out of 5 paws CHAAMP Review


Alaskan Malamutes are an incredibly smart working breed. They were born to pull, hunt, and spend time with their family. It is not a surprise when they seek opportunities to chase critters, forage for food (and find it in the strangest places!), or want to stay close to their human. They need a job and/or become bored, which leads to them to finding their own fun --- like chewing wooden chairs, the sofa, pillows, or the wall. Each dog is a unique individual, so it is important to understand what your Malamute likes. 


Chewing is a great stress reliever. This is why we highly recommend providing natural chews. This is a great way to prevent a Malamute from chewing furniture or your shoes. 


Sniffing is to dogs what reading a book or social media is for us. Please let your dog sniff on walks. You are just there to hold the leash while they enjoy all the scents left behind from critters and dogs. How to Use Your Dog’s Sense of Smell to Train an Anxious Dog (science explained) by Dog Liaison


Games like "find it" or "get it" are a great way to engage with your pup as you throw a piece of meat or cheese for them to chase and find it, so much fun! Woo!!


Make meals entertaining.

  • It is as easy and tossing kibble/treats in a clean area of your backyard or dog area for them search, find, and eat.

  • Put kibble inside an empty toilet paper roll and watch them have fun destroying the cardboard paper to get to the kibble.

  • Place kibble/treats in a towel and rolling it.

  • Put their kibble in a Kong Wobbler and watch them have fun hitting it around.

  • Put a piece of meat at the bottom of a Kong and then kibble with small pieces of cheese, then seal the top with a bit of peanut butter or cheese. Watch the pup have so much fun trying to get to the meat at the bottom!

  • Mix kibble with gravy or pumpkin or left-over food inside of a West Paw Toppl (this is easier for most dogs).


You can increase the difficulty by freezing the Kong or West Paw Toppl. 

Canine Enrichment: Bindisbucketlist

Bindisbucketlist has the BEST ideas on enrichment. Follow @bindisbucketlist on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

#1 Book on Enrichment

"Canine Enrichment for the Real World: Making It a Part of Your Dog's Daily Life"

by ALLIE BENDER and Emily Strong

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Natural Chews

Beef Ligaments



Bully Sticks (Costco has the best price but Pet Flow is a close 2nd)



Buffalo Beef Cheek Rolls


WEST PAW has easy to clean puzzles (Toppl, Rumbl)

West Paw Dog Toys


Treat Dispensers & DIY Fun

Kong has the Kong Extreme for Malamutes and the Wobbler (treat dispenser)

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