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Potty Training Resources


Potty Training

When bringing a new dog home, sometimes stress and anxiety causes butterflies in your dog's stomach, which causes a potty accident. Even if a dog is potty trained, they may regress when they are in a new environment. Dogs do not generalize so you will need to show your pup where to go potty. If they have an accident inside the house move the potty outside to an area where you want them to go potty. This will help guide them to the potty area. Some dogs do not feel "safe" going potty with a stranger holding the leash. In this case, please use your backyard fence or connect a long line onto a harness. 

When potty training, please make sure that AFTER the pup goes potty you have a mini party or toss treats for him to find like an Easter Egg Hunt. If the pup goes potty and then you bring the pup back inside, the pup learns to hold it because fun ends when they go potty.


TIMING is everything! The moment your pup is peeing, calmly mark it with "potty" and "good girl/boy" while the pup is peeing, then make sure to REWARD. Playing a game of chase, throwing a ball, finding treats  . . . . but NOTHING happens until the pup pees.


Some dogs feel that they are being punished because after they go potty because they then have to go back inside their crate or den area. This is especially true with teenagers. At CHAAMP, we have frozen treats waiting inside their den/crate/kennel, so they look forward to going back to inside. The licking and chewing is self soothing.  

Management & Prevention

Set your dog up for success by reducing the size of their world. This starts with creating a safe and spa-like environment for your dog. For example, you can use an exercise pen or a baby gate to close off an area in your home. You can place the crate inside this area. Your dog doesn't have to worry about anyone touching them, etc.

When you come home, allow them to sniff and go potty. Then go inside and take them to their secure space. Each time they leave this space, go outside for a chance to go potty. Until your pup has gone potty, keep your pup on a leash next to you. It is imperative that you do not give the pup freedom to roam inside the house until they have gone potty. Excitement can bring about butterflies in the tummy and a strong desire to go potty. If you keep your pup in a smaller blocked area, the chances decrease of your pup going potty. A larger area means freedom to go potty, especially if there is a scent of a previous potty accident. The desire to naturally go potty over another dog's or cat's potty is strong. It's their social media, lol.

Urinary Tract Infections

If you have done everything, and there are still accidents, you may need to visit the visit the vet to rule out a UTI. 

Create and maintain a schedule and routine. Many dogs find “living in the moment” and spontaneity to be nerve-wracking. In fact, much of a dog’s life is about anticipating future events. Dogs thrive off of predictability and routine.Dog Liaison, Jenna Romano

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