​Malamutes are known for being a part of the family. They are highly intelligent and need to have a routine and know what to do. Imagine the confusion and anxiety when they lose their home. It is critical to learn how to read dog body language to respond appropriately. For this reason, CHAAMP is extra cautious to minimize stress, create peaceful interactions, and slowly rebuild trust between humans and Malamutes in rescue. They need time to process their feelings and we can help them.

Malamutes respond wonderfully to positive reinforcement. This working breed love to work and earn rewards. So we help them learn by controlling the environment, minimizing triggers, and being calm ourselves.  We can set up our Malamutes for success by removing opportunities to practice bad choices and creating a safe and calm environment where they can focus and learn. The more excited a Malamute becomes, the calmer you must be. They can smell our emotions and read our body language. Positive reinforcement rewards the behavior we wish repeated and minimizes unwanted behavior over time. This simultaneously builds your Malamute's confidence and strengthens your bond. Training together should be fun and brief between 3-5 minutes at a time. 


We highly recommend Your Dog's Friend, a nonprofit in Rockville, MD who advocate force-free, positive dog training. They offer FREE webinars and advice from dog professionals. Let's learn together and make their world a better place! It starts with us.

Foster Homes

CHAAMP Malamutes are kenneled or fostered in private homes over our rescue territory. We are always in need of foster homes. Some Malamutes need extra assistance transitioning into a home or do not do well in a kennel environment.


A foster home provides a peaceful environment post-surgery or during the deworming process. There are many reasons to foster. We also foster-to-adopt and will provide you with training and support. ​Please submit an application.

Rescue & Care

Each Malamute is spayed/neutered, receives medical care, including vaccines and de-worming. Our heartworm-positive Malamutes receive treatment and are retested 3-8 months later. Most of our funds are spent on vet and medical expenses. We provide you with medical records.

A Malamute's personality may change once they feel comfortable in a new home. It is important to have a routine, provide a safe place, enrichment, and a spa-like environment to help them decompress. Training is a contract requirement. We will work with you to provide options that meet your family's needs.   


All Malamutes are microchipped, spayed/neutered, and up to date on vaccines. Adoption fees help us cover these costs. Puppy fees are higher because they require more vet visits for vaccines. 

~Adult dogs (two-seven years old):  $275.00  
~Older dogs (eight years old or over):  $100.00 
~Puppies (6 months - 1 year):   $350.00 
~Puppies (under 6 months):   $375.00 

Please complete an application to initiate the adoption process. The information provided helps us find a suitable match for your lifestyle. Next, we will schedule a home visit and if successful, you will soon be able to visit the Malamutes.

Upon arrival, your family will receive a training session before meeting the Malamutes and potentially bringing your new family member home. Adoption is just the beginning. 


Support & Follow up

We miss and love each of our Mals. When you adopt you become part of the CHAAMP Family. We love to hear updates. If you are ever in a position where you can no longer keep your Malamute, we will gladly receive him.

Mals are intelligent and can be opportunistic. If you have a question, please reach out to us so we can discuss and offer educational resources. Practice makes perfect. 

Rescue does not mean damaged, it means they have been let down by humans. We owe it to these majestic trusting furry companions to learn how to help them by educating ourselves. Let's learn together!