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CHAAMP is so thankful for finding out about Positive Dog Training.  We have been using it on the dogs and have seen amazing results.  We wanted to share with you in case you need help with your pup.


This puppy is learning how to be a Malamute & connect with humans using positive training (no fear, no pain, no dominance, and no force). Lucy is so smart and attentive! It is so important to find the right dog trainer. CHAAMP is fortunate to have found Stephanie Peebles who is also training the humans to help us be the best for these precious Malamutes.

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Become a Fear Free Happy Homes Member:  https://fearfreehappyhomes.com/

Pet Owner membership program:  https://www.petprofessionalguild.com/Owner-Members

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Dog Training 101 - a DVD by Jean Donaldson Can be found at https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/dog-training-101.html


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