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Joann is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), an experienced dog trainer who has studied extensively and been certified by Malena DeMartini

Malena DeMartini

is the world’s leading separation anxiety training expert.

You can have a consult with a CSAT and also offers an online course. 


Alaskan Malamutes are a working breed. They were bred to pull sleds, go hunting, and be with their family. They are highly intelligent, full of expressions, and feelings. Dogs see the world through their nose, which is mentally stimulating and relaxing. This is the human equivalent of reading a book or perusing social media. What do you do when you are deprived of social media, entertainment, video games? What does a teenager do when they get bored? LOL!!! When Malamutes are frustrated or bored, they may decide to relieve their stress by chewing shoes, tearing furniture, etc.


It is important to meet your Malamutes instinctual needs through enrichment (mental stimulation, sensory stimulation, scavenging, foraging). Do they have a safe place where they can sleep peacefully? Dogs need to sleep for about 16 hours a day otherwise they get grumpy just like we do. By meeting their basic needs, behavior often improves.


 Of course, there may be issues that need assistance from a dog professional who follows AVSAB's recommendations that only reward-based training methods should be used for all dog training, including the treatment of behavior problems. A dog professional can evaluate your dog to find the root cause of unwanted behavior and help address it (not suppress it). Unfortunately, when we do not "listen" to a Malamutes body language, they may feel that they need escalate with an air snap or worse. As humans, when are not heard, we raise our voice. If we are frustrated enough, we may lose control of our emotions and do something we might regret. Malamutes are no different and have a tendency to let you know exactly how they feel.


We are here to help, not judge. Nobody is perfect! Some of the best lessons come from our mistakes. Let's learn together and make their world a better place.    


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