It is common for some Alaskan Malamutes to have sensitive tummies. We have consulted with holistic vets who explain the importance of a healthy diet. However, some dogs have an intolerance to common fillers found in kibble such as peas, carrots, and even chicken. Instead of trying several brands, we have submitted hair samples for analysis using tests by Modern Allergy Management and 5 Strands (very detailed and more expensive). By identifying and removing food that doesn't agree with our dog, we have successfully ended trips to the vet to treat ear infections, skin irritation, lots of tummy issues leading to pancreatitis and prevented bloat, etc. 

Food intolerance versus food allergy as explained by Dr. Connor.


While we would love to feed our Malamutes raw food or humane grade dog food, we understand it can be expensive.  Some pet parents supplement their kibble by adding real meat, bone broth, and veggies. You can also visit your local butcher and purchase chicken feet, and fresh bones for your dog to eat raw. Please visit DOGS FIRST for a wealth of FREE information by Dr. Conor Brady or purchase his book, "Feeding Dogs Dry or Raw? The Science Behind the Debate". We listened to his presentation on "The Role of Nutrition on Behavior" during the 2020 Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week. 

Natural Canine Nutrition and Health by Dr. Conor Brady

"I’ve been doing this a long time, studying and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. It’s clear there is today a terrible amount of bad information out there, much of it a result of the unregulated influx of corporate cash into our veterinary sector. We’ll do our best to protect you from the worst of it but for now trust absolutely nothing in a packet with a picture of a dog on it. Question everything."

Dr. Conor Brady, DOGS FIRST

Intolerance Testing using hair as recommended by holistic vets

The Whole Dog Journal provides information on dog food, dog behavior, dog training, dog health, dog care, lifestyle, puppies, and a blog. We highly recommend this!  


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